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Fusion of Meth and Sex (Chem-Sex)

Often, crystal methamphetamine addiction involves a strong sexual component which can be addressed in treatment. This drug heightens arousal, increases stamina, lowers inhibitions and increases perceived sexual pleasure. These effects and experiences can create an additional sexual addiction that needs to be addressed to reduce potential relapse and continuation of unhealthy behaviors.

Ridgeback Recovery specializes in the treatment of the sex addiction component, as well as the co-occurring substance abuse concerns. Additionally, traumatic experiences, such as physical and emotional abuse, can be shown to contribute significantly to a variety of addictions including chemical dependencies. Resolving trauma is an important part of personal empowerment and development of effective strategies to maintain freedom from the shackles of addiction.

Ridgeback Recovery is a task-oriented recovery program that incorporates concepts and exercises developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes. The program combines individual and group sessions, educational lectures, 12-step recovery meetings, outdoor adventures and other activities to support the exploration of the origins and patterns of problematic sexual behaviors.

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