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Treatment Center for People with Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a problem that can be addressed by going to treatment centers that specializes in handling these cases. Ridgeback Recovery offers a safe space to help individuals struggling with sex addiction get over habits that negatively affect their relationships and responsibilities.
The Value of Sex Addiction Treatment Services
Addiction to sex doesn’t get the same kind of attention as alcoholism and drug dependence but, if left unchecked, its repercussions are just as devastating. Relationships with loved ones and sexual partners can worsen if affected individuals don’t find a way to control their urges.
A lack of a proper approach toward sexual addiction can result in riskier activities such as hurting their partner during intercourse or committing infidelity. By getting treatment services for sex addiction, clients can stop engaging in destructive habits that can irreversibly ruin their professional and personal lives.
Signs an Individual Is Suffering From Sexual Addiction
It can be challenging to determine whether you’re suffering from sex addiction. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not recognize it as a problem with a defined diagnosis. However, the World Health Organization does recognize it as Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder in ICD-11.
One of the most common symptoms of sexual addiction is the blatant use of other people for sex without regard to the consequences. Another troubling sign is seeing sex as the only way to express and receive love.
Other behaviors that point to sexual addiction are a reliance on sex and money to create and maintain relationships, being sexual in high-risk situations and locations, and a general sense of shame and guilt for their thoughts and behaviors. Fortunately, effective sex addiction counseling can help address this problem.
Sex and Love Addiction
Sex and love addiction, as described by the characteristics of SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous), is a complex and deeply ingrained pattern of behavior. It involves a struggle with boundaries, often leading to emotionally and sexually entangled relationships with people we hardly know.
This addiction is driven by a fear of abandonment and loneliness, which can keep us trapped in painful and destructive connections. We may constantly seek new relationships, confusing love with neediness and physical attraction, and fearing emptiness when alone.
Stress, guilt, and other emotions are often sexualized, and we may use sex and emotional involvement to manipulate or control others. Ultimately, sex and love addiction can leave us feeling immobilized or distracted, preventing us from experiencing true intimacy and recovery.
Sex Addiction Causes and Risk Factors
While there are no clear parameters regarding symptoms, mental health experts from various treatment centers agree on certain aspects that affect sex addiction. A good chunk of research points to a history of abuse or trauma that caused people to exhibit signs of extreme sexual deviance as their primary coping mechanism.
However, the more common reason for the addiction is similar to patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Sex stimulates the sections of the brain that release dopamine. The pleasant feeling one experiences when high amounts of the chemical are released causes some to actively look for the highs it brings.
Those who experience dopamine surges during sex may look for ways to increase the excitement they experience by engaging in risky sexual behavior. When they are delighted with the highs brought about by the more deviant behavior, a sexual addiction begins to form.
Start the Recovery Journey with Us
With the help of our therapy and counseling services at Ridgeback Recovery, you can find ways to live a more meaningful life free of your addiction. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn how we can help.


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